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Roller banner stands guide

The Roller banners Guide

Roller banner stands are the most cost-effective form of exhibition and trade show advertising.

Roller banner stands are also described, within the industry, as pull up banners, retractable banner stands, roll up banners, tension banners, pop up displays and outdoor banner stands.

They are an invaluable tool in the marketing 'toolbox' for lightweight, easily portable, compact, expandable and re-usable display stands. Roller banner stands are free standing and do not need to be attached to a fixing – such as a wall – which makes them ideal for exhibitions and point of sale material.

We supply high quality banner stands for the budget-conscious business or the premium banner stands for a more up market solution.

Why choose a roller banner stand?

Roller banners are extremely portable. They can be easily transported and erected quickly at exhibition or marketing events. Roller banner stands are the perfect solution for a lightweight, low cost, re-usable promotional display. Companies buying roller banner stands save money. This enables their marketing budget to go further, allowing them to attend more promotional events.

What are the advantages of roller banners?

There are several good reasons to buy a quality roller banner stand to promote your brand or product.

Cost effective advertising: Roller banners are a cost effective form of advertising.

Simple marketing: Quick, simple and an easy form of promotional advertising.

Light and portable: They are supplied with a carry bag for ease of handling. The cases are light, portable and will easily fit into any car boot or train luggage compartment.

Extremely strong and durable: constructed from light aluminium. The material is strong enough to last as long as you require.

We hope you find this information useful reading to assist you in choosing your roller banner stand. If you require further information please don't hesitate to contact a member of our sales team.

Above is only a selection of the stands we can offer. If there is not a particular stand you desire or you require more details, either click through to our on-line catalogue or give us a call on 01480 493666 and we will be more than happy to discuss your requirements.

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